Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Places to Read

I've been a terrible blogger recently. I've been studying my life away for the most evil class ever: Microeconomics. I take my final tonight. :(

ANYWAYS, this week's Top Ten Tuesday, Favorite Places to Read, sounded too good to pass up.

1. My Bed    Why yes, I am creepily putting up a picture of my bed! But what place isn't more comfy? I read here every night before I fall asleep. Plus, you all can get a glimpse of my super cool Abominable Snowman stuffed animal.

2. The Reflecting Pond    This is right outside my school's library. Since I practically live inside the library nowadays, I like to take a break, get a smoothie from the cafe inside and come out and sit on a bench under a tree. It is SOOO relaxing! Fun fact: the local news crew came on campus recently to report a story about some protest, and there was a shot of me reading in this spot! Cool story, I know.

3. The beach    Well, there isn't a beach here in Orlando, but back home, when I lived a few minutes away from the beach, I would drag a chair onto the sand and read. The sound of the waves and birds, along with the sun and breeze is one of the best experiences ever. If you live near a beach, you should try it. I actually met one of my boyfriends this way; I was reading and he was surfing. Unfortunately, he hates reading, so I couldn't keep him for long. :)

4. In front of the fireplace    I actually haven't lived in a house that had a fireplace in a long time (and it was in southern California, we never used it anyways). Since it's about 25 degrees out right now, all I can think of is curling up in my Snuggie with a book and some tea in front of a fireplace. Bliss!

5. On a porch swing    Ohhh, another reason I hate living in an apartment! I love all things both swing-y and porch-y, so this sounds like heaven, especially in the woods, by the beach, in the mountains, etc......soo jealous right now.

6. While it's raining    SOOO PERFECT. I absolutely love rain (except when I'm wearing nice shoes). It's the most relaxing thing ever to read or fall asleep to, especially when accompanied by a thunderstorm. Lucky me, I live in the lightening capital of the world!

7. With my cat    Oh man, I'm such a dork. You won't judge me if I say my cat is like my child? He's a total lap cat and is my favorite reading buddy.

8. The library    Duh! What better place to read than somewhere you are surrounded by books and other book loving people (and maybe some homeless people...)? My public library isn't very exciting, but it's got a nice environment/feel to it.

9. In the pool   The community pool here is usually filled with drunken college students, so this isn't possible here. My aunt's pool is my favorite place to get a raft and a drink and float around with a book.

10. While I'm drinking tea    I almost made this 'While I'm eating ice cream,' but do you know how hard it is to eat ice cream and hold a book at the same time? Tea is much easier and more manageable. It doesn't help that I'm freaking addicted. I drink at least 15-20 cups a day. It helps me relax, and when I'm relaxed, it's easier to read! They go hand in hand.


  1. You drink at least 15 cups of tea a day? I don't even think I drink that much water! I'm on my fifth cup of tea for today and I thought that was a lot! What kind of tea do you drink?

    I love reading with my cats too! One of them tries to steal my bookmarks!

  2. Yes, I couldn't believe myself when I wrote that! I go through a 36 pack box in 2 days. I usually drink herbal (obsessed with Raspberry Zinger!) or black.

    My kitty isn't actually a very good book companion as he often lays on my book and crushes the pages :)

  3. Do... do you really? That's incredible. I don't know whether to be impressed or just amazed. I wish I could drink that much tea—it keeps you hydrated. I am so bad about that. I do love tea though!

  4. Nice List. I agree with many of your choices and wish I had a reflection pond nearby. Also, I’m so happy to see that Georgia Nicholson was on your list for last week. Totally want to be part of the ACE gang!

    Stop by and check out my list if you get a chance. http://twobibliomaniacs.blogspot.com

    Have a good day!

  5. I didn't realize my tea habits were so odd! My whole family is like this too.

    Thanks TwoBibliomaniacs! :):)

  6. You abominable snowman is cute! That Reflecting Pond looks really nice too. My University never had anything like that - it was all brown brick and grey cement and a bit of bush that contained mosquitoes the size of cats.

    I also cannot believe you drink that much tea in a day! I'm a really bad tea/coffee drinker, I usually drink them only in winter and pretty half assedly!

  7. Great list! I live in So-Cal, so I know what it's like to have a good-for-nothing fireplace. I'd love to be able to sit next to it and read.

    Your newest follower :)

  8. I totally agree with the animals my dog loves cuddling up next to me and my cat well she sits over closer to my wall then me but hey at least she's near me.



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