Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter Re-read - Part 4

Hey-o! I swear I didn't forget about my Harry Potter re-read. Sadly though, I didn't get to finish the whole series before Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows came out; I'm aiming for part 2 now. I read book 4 and 5 in less than a week, so I'm back on track!

OK, on to the Goblet of Fire. The first time I read the series, this book was by far my least favorite. Several big things bugged me (not to mention the length freaked me out, but I definitely got over that as the series continued), yet when I re-read it, I realized it's not so bad. I appreciate it much more now.

The beginning of the book is all about the Quidditch World Cup, where I was heartily reminded of the FIFA World Cup (cue the vuvuzelas! *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*). The whole concept of how the wizards concealed their ginormous stadium from the muggles and set up portkeys was fascinating! Wizards from all over the world attended, and a tidbit I found interesting were the witches from the Salem Institute in the US. Ha! Later at Hogwarts, Harry and his fellow Hogwartians find out that a prestigious and ancient tournament will be held at their school and that they will be getting some guest students from other magical schools. Harry's usual luck follows him into this book and he is accidentally chosen to compete. The rest of the book follows him and the other contestants as they fight dragons, demon-possessed mermaids, and trippy mazes. Everything climaxes at the end when Harry meets Voldemort in the flesh. Lord V. is no longer attached to the back of people's heads or remembered through dreams - he's legit now. Just in the last 100 or so pages, you know that the rest of the series is going to get a whole lot darker.

Movie time. I have several things I'd like to point out about this particular movie, the first being THE HAIR. In the summer of 1994, almost every male character apparently turned hippy-ish and grew super long hair. Why?? Everyone is clean shorn in the very next movie........yeah I know, this isn't a major catastrophe, it just bugs me majorly.

Second of all, MAD EYE MOODY/ BARTY CROUCH JR IS THE DOCTOR. Even though he's the bad guy, I couldn't help loving him just for that fact alone.

Third......this guy right here ----------->
Yes. Robert Pattinson when he was actually taken seriously. He played Cedric Diggory, Harry's fellow Hogwarts champion who was killed by Wormtail. After R-Patz achieved his fame through Edward Cullen, I was amazed at how many people (well, girls) stated that their all-time favorite Harry Potter character was Cedric. Really?

Well, I don't really know what else to say about this one. It is still my least favorite, but I like it for that fact that it is the last book where Harry is truly a child. He's definitely growing up, but he's still innocent, so to speak. It's grown on me. I think my favorite part in the whole book is when the Weasleys come to pick up Harry to go to the World Cup and the twins turn Dudley's tongue into a 4 foot long purple monster. I would have loveddd to see that in the movie. So, what did you guys think about the book/movie/both?

May I also suggest that you watch this video? It's a sample of the Rifftrax of the film. Basically these 3 guys watch the movie and narrate it with their snarky comments and songs. It's quite hilarious and there are plenty of Robert Pattinson bashings!

"Remember, your son's a blood-sucking demon."

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