Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Scariest Books!

I missed out on Top 10 Tuesday last week and am excited for this week's list, just in time for Halloween!

Top 10 Scariest Books

I've kind of cheated on a few, but just hang with me.

  1. Super Fetus by Adam Pepper - um, yeah. My roommate's boyfriend told me about this one; it sounds horrifying in a stupid way. Let the synopsis stand for itself:

    "Too tough to be aborted, Super Fetus fights back! He's a fetus growing in the womb of a whiny white trash whore of a mother. His problem: she wants to have him aborted. But what this bitch doesn't know is that she isn't pregnant with some mild-mannered developing human form. Heck no. This is Super Fetus. He has an attitude and he is deter mined to be born, whether she likes it or not. Doing push-ups in the womb day and night, until he becomes amazingly buff, this little fetus is prepared to fight off the onslaught of vacuums, tongs, coat hangers, and scalpels. Once that sonofabitch doctor comes for him... he'll be ready. A horrific and humorous romp with strange characters, stranger sex scenes, and one kick-ass musclebound fetus."
  2. The Shining by Stephen King
  3. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
  4. House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski - Still haven't read this, but I've heard things.
  5. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson - I hate post-apocalyptic books.
  6. Any book by Miley Cyrus - It's scary she even wrote a book.
  7. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - This could be a realistic dystopian book, which should be scary for all women.
  8. Almost any book by Lois Duncan - I read almost all of her books in middle school. As a 12 year old, books about kidnapping, stalkers, ghosts, and murders really freaked me out.
  9. 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese - OK, I know this book can be taken a million different ways, and the fact that this guy was transported to Hell for 23 minutes is VERY hard to believe, his descriptions of the demons and fire and torture seriously gave me nightmares for a few days. Seriously.
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling - this one is scary only because it's the LAST one! I kept dreading getting closer to the end of the series. 


  1. I LOVED I am Legend! The movie...not so much. All the little short stories after the book were great too!

    My Top Ten

  2. I can definitely agree that Deathly Hallows is the scariest ... ha ha. Not only because it's the last one but because of that stuff was really scary!!

    I don't like being scared so I didn't do this top ten ha.

  3. OOOOh, I forgot about Killing Mr. Griffin and I Know What You Did Last Summer...great stuff!!!

  4. Good list. I am Legend is on my TBR, and the House of Leaves sounds intriguing.

  5. Never heard about 23 Minutes or Super Fetus, but they both sounds horrifying.

    Here's my TTT:

  6. Oh man, you should definitely give House of Leaves a try. I loved it, and while it's long, it's creepy through and through. It made my list :)

    I see 23 Minutes the same way I see those "Hell Houses" churches put on at Halloween - kind of scare tactics to bully people into Christianity. Horrifying, no doubt, but kind of morally...questionable?

  7. "The Handsmaid's Tale" is definitely disturbing and creepy.



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