Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Dark Angels" by Karleen Koen

TitleDark Angels: A Novel
Author: Karleen Koen
Published: Three Rivers Press, 2006
Where I Got It: Online
First Line: "Facing white cliffs in a strait of ocean separating two kingdoms, a fleet of ships lay at anchor."

This was one of those books that I bought on a whim. I was actually going to buy Through a Glass Darkly: A Novel when I noticed that a prequel had recently been written, this book. I wasn't sure if I should read the books in the order the author published them, or in chronological order. I went with the latter; I'm not really sure it made a difference.

The book is set in the mid/late 1600s, alternating between France and England as the main character, Alice Verney, travels to both. Alice is a lady in waiting to Princess Henriette, the sister of King Charles II of England and the daughter-in-law of King Louis of France. Alice is an extremely headstrong and dominating girl. She finds herself wrapped up in assassination plots, spies, romances, betrayals, murders, and many other plots that make this book so interesting! There's so much going on in this book, but it never becomes overwhelming or confusing.

This was the very first historical fiction novel I've read that takes place during this period of time. I expected to be a bit lost with all the new-to-me characters that come into play, but it was easy to jump right in and go with the flow. If you read my recent review of Sex with Kings, I point out that Charles II is mentioned a lot; that was actually a blessing in disguise as those people make an appearance in this book too. One of the future mistresses is actually a main character in Dark Angels

Overall, I LOVED this novel. I am definitely more interested in Restoration England now, which means I get to buy more books! I heartily recommended this to historical fiction lovers. It may at sometimes read as a historical romance book, but not enough to turn me away from it. Have any of you guys read Through a Glass Darkly? If so, how was it? I am definitely interested in picking it up now. 5 stars for this one. 


  1. This sounds really good! I've never read anything set in this time period before either. Sometimes spur of the moment purchases are the best :)

  2. This book looks really good. I have Through a glass darkly on my tbr list, and i didn't realize there was a prequel. Good find, Might have to pick it up now!

  3. I am so glad to hear this was a great book! I just purchased it a couple weeks ago and can't wait to start it. Thank you :)



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