Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Words

This is one of the most random Top Ten Tuesdays ever! I almost sat it out, however when my roommate told me last night that I write/speak like a middle aged British woman (?!), I decided to explore this further.
Anyways, be sure to check out all the entries at The Broke and the Bookish!

Top 10 Favorite Words

  1. Abomination- I use this word entirely too much for no real reason.

  1. Flagellum - A sciency word. Makes me feel smart.
  1. Wormwood-Something harsh. Wormwood. So entirely random.

  1. Hoodwinked-To be deceived...Dumbledore uses this word a lot. Enough said.

  1. Alohomora-Okayyy, this isn't a real word. It's a Harry Potter spell! I think it unlocks doors.

  1. Potpourri-In reality, potpourri kind of freaks me out, but the word sounds like a cat.

  1. Rumpus- I don't think I even know what this means. Isn't it a loud noise or something?

  1. Bodacious- Okay, I would never use this word in my vocabulary ever, but it simply rolls off the tongue!

  1. Hogwash- I need to find a way to incorporating this into everyday conversation without sounding like a redneck (this is difficult in north/central Florida).
  1. Manorexic- I in no way condone anorexia, in either males or females. This word is just hilarious.

So did that sound like an old British lady? Not to me. My roommate is a lunatic.

P.S. I will post my reread of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Thursday! :)


  1. Hahaha Manorexic! I mean, it's not funny but the word just is! lol

  2. I particularly like hoodwinked. I should start using that.

  3. I love looking at these word lists. A vote for Rumpus (and yes it does mean an uproar or commotion).

  4. Dare I say that I like the way potpourri sounds and smells if I choose it plus the fact that it is basically dried up leaves and flowers which I think is hoodwinked. Oh, hogwash, I think your list is quite bodacious! :)

  5. Abomination is a good one. I wish I had a reason to use it. I'm not exactly sure what an old British woman sounds like, but I don't think you sound like one! :)

  6. I like bodacious, but like you, I'd probably never use it! Manorexic is a good one too!

  7. Love this list, so many fun words. :)



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