Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Book Couples

My favorite meme from The Broke & the Bookish!

Top 10 Favorite Couples

Not sure I can make it to 10....I tend to shy away from books with romance in it. I also shouldn't need to point out that my list will be full of real-life historical characters. May take away from the coolness.

  1. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice - dur.

  2. George and Martha Washington from Washington's Lady - What a sweet couple. Martha loved George even though he had horrible teeth. It doesn't get much better than that.

  3. Hermione and Ron from the Harry Potter series - I wish I could put Harry and Hermione for this list (yes, I was one of those people), but this one will do. I think it's just because Ron is so awesome that I rooted for this couple.

  4. Andrew and Rachel Jackson from The President's Lady - another sickeningly cute presidential couple.

  5. Cecilia Tallis and Robbie Turner from Atonement - sheesh, what a tragic couple. If you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about....if not, I don't want to spoil anything.

  6. Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park - OK, in actuality, I hate this book. I die a little inside when I say I hate a Jane Austen novel. The only reason this is on my list is because it gives hope to quiet, shy girls (ahem, me). Other than that....gross.

  7. Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre - I call this one The Caveman Love Story (Mr. Rochester looks like a caveman or some early primate on the cover of my copy). Love is more than appearances, thank God.

  8. Jamie and Claire from the Outlander series - ah, yes, the time traveling couple. These two have a lot of physical attraction (which we get to read all about), but there's much more there....it's almost a sort of maternal love....which isn't creepy at all. Jamie is just adorable, especially with his Scottish accent and kilt.

  9. Holly and Gerry from P.S. I Love You - another sickeningly cute couple. What a sweet Irish guy.

  10. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn from any novel - I couldn't resist. What a weird couple. I wouldn't say that most love stories would end with him having her beheaded, but I still think Henry loved Anne until the day he died.
Looking over my list, the only American men are two old, dead Presidents.


  1. Lol, maybe "The Caveman Love Story" would have been a better title than "Jane Eyre"?
    Great list! Henry and Anne are tragic and violent, but I love reading about them as well.

  2. WOW I haven't read about most of the couples on your list. I feel so out of the loop. I haven't even read Pride and Prejudice

    I feel like a dork, because I saw that you also promoted Washington's lady, and by misktake on my list I said Lady Washington oops. I swear I can be so dyslexic at times! I love the part about his teeth though!

  3. Elizabeth/Darcy and Jane/Rochester were on my list as well. Though I knew it would be Ron in the end, part of me kind of wished for it to be Harry and Hermione.

  4. Good imaginative list. I thought about John F Kennedy and Jackie but opted for all fiction and now my list is pale in comparison. I'm redoing it. Ha! Check out my lists (two for the price of one) at:

  5. Only couple we have in common is Jane & Rochester...but great list! Here's mine: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2010/09/top-ten-tuesday-favorite-couples.html

  6. Aww, Ron and Hermione! How cute they got included with the rest!

    I just came over from twitter b/c you used the same hashtag I use for my Top Ten Tuesday carnival! You should link up tomorrow! :)

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