Thursday, September 9, 2010

Harry Potter Re-read - Part 2

Oh wow. I'd totally forgotten about my HP re-read! I read Sorcerer's Stone at the end of July...and nothing until now. Since I've had a long weekend, I finished Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban! I'll just focus on the second book for now.

So how about this book cover? This is the 'adult' version of the book, for those adults who deem themselves too sophisticated to be seen with a normal Harry Potter book (they look class but are really expensive). Anyways, in normal J.K. style, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has gotten just a wee bit bigger than the last book. This didn't stop me from reading it in less than 5 hours, but because I read it so fast, I'm not sure I am able to collect my thoughts for this review as easily...if that even makes sense!

So in this book, Harry has returned for his second year at Hogwarts. We are introduced to new characters such as Dobby, the insane house-elf, and Gilderoy Lockhart, the narcissistic Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. We get to learn more about Ron and his strange but lovable family. Snape is still a prick, Hermione is still the tolerable know-it-all, and Dumbledore is still our magical Santa Claus.

As in the previous book, Harry has bitten off more than he can chew. He, Hermione and Ron were the only ones aware of the troubles in the school in the last book, but here, the whole school is aware of the new dangers haunting Hogwarts. Unlike the last book, these troubles are in the present, not the past, which makes the action run smoother.

As in all the books, one of my favorite aspects of Harry's world is the creativity/usefulness/hilarity of the spells! A favorite of mine is ducklifors (used to turn someone into a duck. Why?). Avis causes a flock of ducks to fly out of the tip of the wand. In this particular book, Ron's faulty wand backfires....causing him to vomit slugs uncontrollably. The creativity (or in this case, disgusting-ness) always amazes me! On a related note, Ron was quite excellent in the film, especially the slug scene (at the left) and in the Forbidden Forest with the spiders.

Something that has always highly amused me is Voldemort's physical transformation.
Please tell me how he went from this:

to this:
I've always wondered where his nose went.

A lot of HP fans don't especially like this book. The biggest reason I've seen is because of Dobby. It seems that he is a rip-off of Jar-Jar from Star Wars (I've always pictured him as Smeagol) and this sends people into a flurry. I personally don't care for Dobby that much, but since he plays a larger role later on, I put up with him. And to my delight, there is a nice amount of Weasley twin mania in the book to keep me more than satisfied! :) Well, that's it for this review. It's not as good as it could of been, but the new school term has really been killing me and I've had an ever enduring sinus infection. I'll put up my Prisoner of Azkaban review sometime next week!


  1. You know, this is something I've been meaning to do, go back and reread the HP series... mostly because when I first read them, I read them as fast as possible so no one could spoil them for me!

  2. You're making me want to pick up my set and just read them all in one go. Sadly, I have to give a presentation tomorrow morning..
    Lol, I always wondered how Voldemort got to looking that way too. Maybe he started to resemble his pet (you know like people resembling their dog as they get older, I don't know why that is) too much, snakes don't really have noses right? I think the way he shown in the first movie grosses me out the most, it's just wrong to stick out from the back of someone's head!
    I agree with you that the spells and all the magic are just wonderfully creative and too funny.

  3. i always wondered that about voldemort too!
    Also, how the HELL do you read so fast???! i need to start reading that fast too, i have so many things i want/need to read

  4. Just dropping by to say hello. Please accept your award on my blog.

  5. I think that makes sense Daisy. He certainly did get snake-ish like. I remember there being some sort of explanation for this in a later book, so I'm sure I'll find that out soon!

    lol I was sick that weekend so the only thing I had energy for was Harry Potter books are very fast reads for me anyways!

    And thank you Laura Ashlee! :)



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