Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alone in a non-reading world

This is something I've been thinking about for awhile: what are your friends like, reading-wise? Are you alone in your bookish ways? Or are you one of the lucky ones surrounded by book-loving friends?

I decided to be incredibly creepy and stalk my friend's Facebook pages to see what their reading tastes are like. My findings? Other than the fact that a very low percentage actually have any books listed at all, I have exactly one friend who shares my love of reading. Luckily she likes the classics and historical fiction! Other than that...nada.
Here are some samples of what I found.

These three are my roommates:

Yes...this is what I live with every day.

This is my childhood best friend:
I'd say that if I had stayed in California, we'd still be friends
(I would look over the Twilight thing).

This one made me die a little bit on the inside:

Now my absolute favorite:
My ex-boyfriend. Gahh.

So what about you? If you have no bookish friends, like me, how do you deal? My favorite ways of venting are goodreads and my blog! Maybe if I had a book-loving friend I could save some money and just borrow from them....hmm..


  1. I feel the same way! I can only think of a couple friends who read but they don't read as often as I could take them a month to finish a book.

    I just did a quick facebook stalking survey. The last fifteen people to update their status:

    7 had no books listed/or it said they don't read
    5 had the Twilight saga listed
    3 had Twilight listed plus a few other books

    Right before Mockingjay came out I was talking about it at work and how excited I was. One of my coworkers asked how many pages it was, and I said around 400. He said he has never read a book that long (not even for school), and that I was crazy for 'wasting my time'.

  2. welllllll!!!! i have to say that i have the same thing! I'm usually the only one that likes to read. And out of principle i didnt read the twilight series.
    I havent listed any books on my fb page as there are so many. I usually just list authors!
    Maybe (optimistically thinking!) they're the same way...there are just TOO many books to list! ;P

  3. Plenty of friends listed magazines under Books...I thought that was odd.

    I know people like that too Jen. I never know how to answer them when they make brilliant comments like that..

    I actually do the same thing Morellocherry; trying to pick some to put on there as my favorites would be far too stressful!

  4. I with you. I have no friends that read. Maybe one but she has far different tastes than I do. Thankfully I found goodreads and then started blogging. I don't know what I did for so long without.

  5. I have made the effort befriend other bookish people in real life and via social networking. That said, if you looked only at my Facebook profile, you wouldn't see any books listed. I don't put a lot about myself there. But if you looked at my wall you'd see my book reviews autopost from my RSS feed.

  6. I work with one lady who reads kinda sorta the same stuff I do and we swap when we can. A lot of what I read is library and now ebooks so that makes it hard. I too love goodreads and my blog. When I lived in the rural south, bookcrossing was my best friend.

    See, you're not alone in cyberland reading :)

  7. My friends read, but not nearly as much as I do. They take breaks from reading while we have our internships (which is most of the year). One of them even went 'whoa, that's a big book!' when it was only about 400 pages. And only one of them sometimes reads YA and fantasy. I was SO happy when I found Goodreads and now the blogging sphere to gush about books I've read, no one here really knows about the Hunger Games (until I forced my brother and now one of my friends to read it).
    Why is it that people always look at you funny when you mention reading a really big book (as in 1000+ pages)?

  8. I just came by to check out your place and I like it. Good job but I wanted to let you know you won a copy of The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott. I also now have you on my blog roll and I am following too! Congrats on the win.

  9. I have a few friends that read (like one or two) but I'm really in the same boat as you! It's so frustrating to not have people to talk about books with. That is why Goodreads and bloggers have been so important in my life because I feel connected to people like myself!

  10. I can DEFINITELY relate. Almost none of my friends read. It's ridiculous.

  11. It's certainly made me feel better knowing I'm not the only person out there who feels like this!

    I find that I have a low tolerance for people who don't like to read (not people who just don't, those who are strongly against it and are proud of that fact).

  12. Since I started updating my FB status with whatever I just finished reading, a few bookish friends have crawled out of the woodwork. Random people, you know? This one guy I met three years ago at a Yelp event; my buddy from college's wife. And I'm lucky enough to have a few actual friends I hang out with who read a little. But not as obsessively as I do; to really geek out over books, I pretty much have to go to Goodreads.



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