Saturday, July 31, 2010

Harry Potter Re-read - Part 1

I finished The Sorcerer's Stone in less than 36 hours! I was reading this in the atrium outside of one of my classes and I got some weird looks from two boys. I proceeded to mentally give them the finger...wait until I break out my Sex with the Queen book!

Can I just say that I am so jealous of those people who were infinitely smarter than me and started reading this series as soon as it came out? I actually read them for the first time last summer. If I enjoyed them as much as I did at 18, I can't imagine how much more amazing they could have been at 7. This is still one of the books that I wish I could read for the very first time again.

It's easy to tell that this was a children's/young adult book. J.K. very effectively has the writing style 'grow up' with Harry and the readers as well. I loved re-meeting the characters that we see evolve through the following years. I also noticed a lot of points and details that maybe went unanswered in the first book, yet resurface and are answered in later books (such as why Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts). It's nice to see clues tie up neatly!

I don't know how many of you have ever read any of The Baby-Sitter Club books, but those 13 and 11 year old girls never had adult supervision and did crazy things like solve mysteries and medically diagnose children all while never telling any adults what was going on. Harry, Ron and Hermione remind me of The Baby-Sitters Club in that sense - they are some of the sneakiest kids ever! It ends up making Dumbledore and the other professors look irresponsible.

While reading through the book and thinking about the series as a whole, something occurred to me that I find interesting. When people are asked who their favorite characters from the entire series are, you get answers like Ron, Snape, Luna, the Weasely twins (my personal favorites), or Lupin. Very rarely is somebody's favorite character know, the namesake of the series. Why is that? Sometimes I think that Harry is actually the most overlooked and forgettable character. Is that bad writing/character development on J.K.'s part? Is Harry just a so-so hero? I'm not sure what to make of this. Thoughts?

I enjoyed re-reading this one book more than anything else I've done this month! On to The Chamber of Secrets!

Also, today is Harry's birthday. I think it's his 30th birthday. Sheesh, I can't even imagine a 30 year old Harry!


  1. I love that you just compared Harry Potter to the BSC.

  2. I think everybody assumes that everybody else will choose Harry,so they choose somebody else and he ends up not getting any votes?? You think?Because I think we ALL love Harry!!!

  3. Just stopped by from the Book Blogger Hop! I am currently rereading the Harry Potter series as well right now!

  4. I had to laugh at the boys giving you looks at reading this book. I wonder if they know that it actually was required reading for some of the classes at my college (education majors) back when I graduated.

    I started reading the Harry Potter series when
    I was a around 21? 22? and in my senior year of college. I think at that point there were just the first four books in the series. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the books had I read them when I was younger.

    The fact that Harry Potter now would be my age baffles the mind! I totally forgot that his birthday would have been July 31st!

    I think Harry is honestly a fairly dull character in the books, which may be why people tend to prefer the other characters you mentioned. He's good for the reader early on, since both of them get to first experience the Wizarding World at the same time; however, he seemed to react to things more than anything.

    I've not thought of trying to re-read the whole series one after another. The only book I haven't re-read is the last one, which I probably should do before the first film comes out, but have been putting off since it was probably my least favorite of the books.

  5. Lol Tahleen. It's weird but the connection made sense in my mind.

    Maybe Harry is too obvious as a choice as a favorite for some, but I liked what tediousandbrief said about both the readers and Harry learning about the wizarding world together. I can totally see myself writing a thesis about this in grad school!

    Haha I follow the 'This day in HP History''s a little sad. Such as today Bill and Fleur's wedding.

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