Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Jane Boleyn" by Julia Fox

Title: Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford (too long to put in header!)
Author: Julia Fox
Published: Ballantine Books, 2007
Where I Got It: St. Johns County Public Library, a.k.a my second home
Why I Read It: I was on a Tudors fix

Not much is known about Jane Boleyn...which makes for a pretty sucky book.

Jane Boleyn was no saint, yet this biography portrays her to be one. She has no flaws! She was happily married to George Boleyn, was a close confidant of Anne Boleyn, she never provided evidence that led to the death of her husband or sister-in-law, including saying they were having an affair, she was innocent in the Katherine Howard-Thomas Culpepper scandal, and before her death, she never went mad! What an angel!
There are too many assumptions, which in my opinion, don't fly in a biography. I would recommend this book if you are totally new to Tudor history, it has a good background on Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. I don't recommend this book if you want to learn anything about Jane Boleyn.
A sad 2.5 stars for a rather sad review as well.


  1. I love the Tudors. But me and non-fiction often work together as well as oil and water. It's too bad they dropped the ball.

    Whoever did the cover art though, I gotta give props to, because I really like it for some unknown reason.

  2. Sigh. Me too. Except that's a painting of Jane Seymour. Another reason this books gets under my skin. Grr.



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